Arabic vocalization tool

This tool adds missing diacritics to Arabic text. Diacritic symbols are crucial to identify how words are pronounced and to disambiguate their meanings. Arabic (along with some other languages) uses diacritic symbols to specify short vowels. In wiriting, those symbols are usually omitted, since the native speakers can usually guess from the context the meaning and pronunciation.
Adding diacritics is an important pre-step to several text processing applications.
The name "Tashkeel - تشكيل" means to "give shape or form" and the process of diacritizing is also called "Tashkeel".
More information about diacritics grammatic (click here) Movements in Arabic: Short Vowels, Anti-vowels and Signs.

Powered by Farasa from the Qatar Computing Research Institute.

تشكيل الحروف والكلمات العربية

خدمة تشكيل هي خدمة مقدمة من موقع لوحة المفاتيح العربية لتشكيل الأحرف أي إضافة الحركات والضمات والهمزات, الخدمة في قيد التحسين ويمكن إستخدامها لتشكيل النصوص أو القصائد.
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