Introduction to the Arabic Course

We are very pleased to undertake writing the contents of a Course dealing with the "Language of the Angels" namely the Arabic Language. We hope we can have the way to solve the puzzle and to unlock the knots of this dulcet and eloquent tongue to pave the way towards mastering its secrets.

This Course serves to familiarize Non-Native Speakers with such inspiring Language - the Language of the Holy Quran - the Holy Book of Islam. Not from the same route tracked by the Natives; yet from a route that takes the reader by hand to a trip amidst a Course that covers most needed steps to master the Arabic Language as an Elementary/ Intermediate Reader/ Learner. In other words, it addresses a fresh Arabic learner who is willing ambitiously to start either learning or writing Arabic, a traveler who is planning to visit or work in this bewitching region, or a teacher/ professor who wants to refresh his knowledge about it to avoid this ambiguity of facing the lesser-known with the obscure. We are - hopefully - trying to help the foreign Reader/ Learner in understanding fully and objectively this not-easy-to-be-learnt Language to know its finer points and wonderful potentials as we progress.

This Course utilizes the English Language not to make a parallel with the English Grammar but to construct a bridge that connects the bricks of explaining the real Arabic Language with its functions and structures. It addresses not only the previously mentioned but also the Arabs themselves to water their Arabic garden with research-work and discussions in a way that serves the universality of such Language.

Briefly, our Reader/ Learner can depend fully on it and ripe its fruits rapidly. Just be patient to use the - expectantly - clear, simple and to the point productive know-how steps to totally grip the lucidity and clarity of the Arabic Language whoever you are, and whenever you decide.